Masako’s Bento Lunchbox Surprise

story picture book for children age 4 - 8 masakos bento lunchbox surprise

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Every day, Masako gets a musubi (rice ball) in her bento lunch. But one day, it turns into a sumo wrestler. When she tries to show it to her best friend Kaylie, it’s just a rice ball. Did Masako dream it?

Find out in Masako’s Bento Lunchbox Surprise.

This story picture book for children age 4-8 has full-color illustrations, plus a glossary of new words. Your child can learn about sumo wrestlers and Japanese food in this fun book.

Here’s a preview of the book:

Want to learn how to make apple rabbits, like those in the book? Click here.

The print version of this book includes a Glossary of words you might not know, including Japanese words, plus game, puzzle, and activities.

Learn about Japanese food and culture from this colorful book.

back cover masakos bento lunchbox surprise childrens story picture book for age 4 - 8

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Disclosure Statement:

I am affiliated to the products recommended on this website.