How to Make Apple Rabbits

You saw these apple rabbits in the book, Masako’s Bento Lunchbox Surprise. Now you can learn to make them at home.

Important: Get an adult to use the knife and do the cutting for you. Kids can help make the water bath and eat the trimmings.

  • 1. Cut an apple into half. Cut each half in half, so you have 4 quarters.
  • 2. Remove the core by making two cuts from each end, toward the center, like a wide V shape.
  • 3. Throw the cores into the compost pile.

  • Cut each apple quarter in half.

  • 4. You will have 8 wedges. Each one will become one rabbit.

  • 5. Using a sharp, pointed knife, cut a V from about the center of the apple peel, to the outside edges of the apple wedge. You are making the apple peel look like bunny ears.
  • 6. Next, carefully cut just under the skin, from the end of the wedge, toward the bottom of the V you just cut. Be sure your knife goes under all of the apple peel, including the pieces on the sides of the V-cut.
  • 7. It might be easier to cut the middle part of the peel along with one side of the V first, like this:
  • …And then cut under the peel on the other side, just until you get under the tip of the V-cut.
  • 8. Prepare your water bath. (This is the part kids can do!!) You will need either acidulated water (water with some acid), or salt water.
  • The salt or acid prevents the apples from turning brown. And it also makes the ears stand up.

    Acidulated water:
    1 cup water
    1 cup ice cubes (about 8 ice cubes)
    1 teaspoon orange, lemon, or lime juice

    Salt water:
    2 cups water
    1/2 teaspoon salt

    To make the water bath, put all ingredients for either the acidulated water or the salt water into a bowl.

  • 9. Add your apple slice.
  • 10. Repeat cutting the other 7 slices. If you have trouble, don’t worry. Go slowly, and you will get better with practice.
  • 11. Put all slices into your water bath.
  • 12. Leave the rabbits in the water bath for about 15-30 minutes. Ice water will make the ears stand up higher.
  • 13. When you are done, remove your bunnies. If you want them to stand up on a board or plate without falling over, cut off a section of both tips, to create a flat surface to rest on.
  • 14. All done. Add your bunnies to your lunch, or put them on a plate for a party, or eat them as a snack.

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