Updates and Corrections for The New Scoop

Here are updates, corrections and new information for my book, The New Scoop: Recipes for Dairy-Free, Vegan Ice Cream in Unusual Flavors (Plus Some Old Favorites.)

Be sure to adjust sweetness

With all the fruit or chocolate recipes, be sure to adjust the sweetness of your base, since each fruit or chocolate will be more or less sweet.

Your base should always be slightly sweeter than you want the finished ice cream to be.
That’s because it tastes a little less sweet once it’s frozen.

Working with fresh lilikoi (passion fruit)

GREAT NEWS! I found out you do not need to heat the fresh passion fruit pulp. Just blend it as directed in the recipe.

That means you don’t need to wait for it to cool, which means you can make ice creams even faster.

Blend for only about 10 seconds. Otherwise the seeds will get chopped up too much, and you won’t be able to strain them out.

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I am affiliated to the products recommended on this website.