Product Review: Xara Designer Pro v.9

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Want to attend a writers conference but don’t have the money? Not to worry! The Muse Online Writing Conference 2012 is free. It happens on October 8 – 14, 2012.

Go here to register:

You do need to register for it, however, so do so right away. Late registrants will be turned away.

Do you really get anything from something free, and online? YES!

I’ve attended the conference for several years now, and I always learn more than I expect to. Topics include researching, ebooks, character development, dialogue, marketing and promotion, critique groups, and many specific topics to different genres.

Check out the schedule for this years conference here:

The “classes” are forum posts with daily homework assignments for many of them. You have the chance to read and learn from other students as well as your own work.

Drop in any time it is convenient for you, day or night. You can attend in your pajamas if you want, don’t need to comb your hair, look for parking, or the bathrooms!

There is a wide variety of people who attend, from the “I want to write a book” complete newbies, to published writers, publishers, and editors. Several sessions allow you to learn from publishing companies and what they are looking for, and get a chance to pitch your work to them.

There are also live chats, where participants can ask questions of the presenter. Usually transcripts are available afterwards, so you can still learn if you weren’t able to make the time.

All in all, a fantastic opportunity for any writer looking to gain knowledge and network with others. If you need more proof, Writers Digest named the Muse Online Writing Conference one of the top 100 websites for writers in 2009, and Preditors and Editors polls awarded it Best Writers Workshop twice.

Free Online Conference for Children’s Writers

Hey, if you don’t already know about this, there is a free annual conference just for children’s writers. This the third year it’s happening, and there is a lot you can get from it. It’s called Write On Con (short for Conference.) First of all, you have the chance to network and talk (as...

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Reusable Canvas Tote Bags

Reusable Canvas Tote Bags

Custom Name Pink Ballet Shoes Tote Bag Template by alinaspencil Reusable bags make great sense. They are environmentally friendly, eliminating plastic bags from the waste stream, and saving the energy used to make them. They are also more durable for toting groceries, piano lessons, dance shoes, and sports equipment around. They won’t rip from...

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Who are the letter geeks, and what do they think about all day and night?

When’s the last time you noticed the way the letters looked in the book you were reading? Have you ever closed a web page without reading anything because you didn’t like the font? Not the color. Not the background color. Not the size. But the actual font itself? I don’t think most of us...

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Dangling Participle Funny Grammar Quote Shirt

Dangling Participle Funny Grammar Quote Shirt

As a writer, don’t you just hate all those grammar rules you’re “supposed” to follow, even though it makes for stilted writing at times? This funny grammar quote about writing, by Winston Churchill, British politician and prolific writer, will not only give you a chuckle, but it also serves as an excellent dangling participle...

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