Cocek Queen Folk Dance Shirt

Calling all folk dance lovers of cocek! Want to show your enthusiasm but can’t find a way to do it?

Cocek Queen Folk Dance Shirt shirt
Cocek Queen Folk Dance Shirt by alinaspencil

This modern design has the words “Cocek Queen” on it, with a woman snapping her fingers.

Cocek is a folk dance from the Balkan area that is still danced by the Roma gypsy people, as a part of their culture, in weddings and other ceremonies. Often the music is played by a brass band, keeping true to its roots.

These folk dances and folk songs developed from Turkish military band music in the 19th century. Today it is still danced by the Romani people in Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, and Turkey.

The catchy folk songs and rhythms are loved by folk dancers and belly dancers around the world, as well.

You too can be a Cocek Queen with this design. You might not dance better, but you’ll look the part!

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