Davul Drumming Bear Balkan Instrument Hoodie (Hooded Sweatshirt)

Tupan Playing Bear Balkan Folk Instrument Shirt shirt
Tupan Playing Bear Balkan Folk Instrument Shirt by alinaspencil
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This tupan drum shirt features a cartoon bear drumming and smiling, with eyes closed, playing a daul or tapan, a Balkan bass drum.

This funny drummer t shirt makes a cool gift for a drummer, drum lover, or tupan or davul player. Lovers of Balkan music and folk dancing will also appreciate this shirt, since it is a traditional Balkan instrument used in international folk dancing and Balkan folk dancing.

Tupan is the Bulgarian name for a large double-headed bass drum. It is played with a large stick in one hand and a small switch in the other. Large drums like the Turkish davul were used in military bands to scare away the enemy, and it is from these roots that we get the bass drum and marching bands of today.

Variations of this drum are played in Iran, Greece, Macedonia, Armenia, Serbia, and Egypt. It is often accompanied by a loud, oboe-like instrument called, among other things, zurna, which sounds like a duck with a head cold.

(Remember, this design can be put on any other style or color of shirt, jacket, tank top, infant one-piece creeper, hoodie, sweatshirt, etc. Click on the available options when you view the product.)

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