Funny Taburitza Fest Balkan Folk Dancing Cartoon Shirt

Funny Tamburica Fest Balkan Folk Dancing Shirt shirt
Funny Tamburica Fest Balkan Folk Dancing Shirt by alinaspencil

Fans of tamburitza music and dance, or Balkan or international folk dancing can appreciate this funny shirt.

A nurse is writing on a clipboard. Behind her, a chart of orthopedic patients shows several names and what they are in the hospital for. One of them is there because of a tamburica fest. Another, Amos Moses, is there because of an alligator.

Every year, there is a tamburitza extravaganza, where many bands come together to play bouncy Croatian and Serbian music into the wee hours of the night. Folk dancers find it hard to sit still to this “bunny rabbit” music.

One of the members of our recreational folk dance group ended up falling and breaking her arm at one of the tamburitza festivals. She was the inspiration for this cartoon.

Makes a funny gift for tamburitza dancers or folk dancers who know Amos Moses, of the funky swampland song and dance.

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