Gimme Dog Treats Funny Spoiled Dog T-shirt

Gimme Dog Treats Funny Spoiled Dog Shirt petshirt
Gimme Dog Treats Funny Spoiled Dog Shirt by alinaspencil

You know you love them. You know you want them. You know you need them. Dog treats! Every time you hear a crinkling plastic bag, you come running, drooling, eyes wide open and tail wagging. You are screaming in doggie language, “Gimme dog treats!”

This is the perfect shirt for you. This stylish doggie t-shirt has a picture of two bone-shaped dog biscuits and one people-shaped (and scared looking) dog cookie. It says, “Gimme dog treats!” in a playful, brown font. Too bad you can’t eat the shirt!

Tell your owner this shirt matches your dog treat-loving personality, and you’d look fabulous in it. You might want to get one to give that spoiled rotten terrier bitch down the street. You know, the yappy one that you love to sniff…

Been eating too much and need a bigger size? Choose from the options to the right when you view the product. And stop drooling. You’re slobbering on the keyboard!

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