Having a Bellydance Party?

Doumbek Drum Party Invitations Darbuka Tombak invitation
Doumbek Drum Party Invitations Darbuka Tombak by alinaspencil

Having a drum party? These drum party invitations will get your guests ready to groove and move!

This goblet drum on this dumbek drum invitations is played in many parts of the world, especially in the Balkans and Middle East, including Egypt, Turkey, and Macedonia. It is called doumbek, darbuka, tarabuka, tombek, toubeleki, dombak, dumbelek, tabla, darabuke, and darabuka…among other things!

You’ll often see it used to accompany belly dancers, where the loud and high-pitched teks and pops mix with low, full doum bass sounds.

This design features a doumbek drum, metal, with screws to tighten the head.

The invitations template is set up so you can add your personalized info. Simply replace the sample words with your own. You can change the background color. Click on the “customize” button to do so. Contact me if you need help.

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