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zazzle personalized gifts creation

There is an interesting article and video here that shows how Zazzle works to create one of the many many products–a mini messenger bag.

In this case, the customer orders a specific design, which may or may not have their own photo, name, or text on it. The design is printed onto a heat transfer, which is then applied to fabric.

The fabric is then transferred to another company, where it gets sewn into a bag. For many products, however, they get created completely at Zazzle’s facility in California.

zazzle mini messenger bag finished

Zazzle mini messenger bag finished

It’s interesting to see how the process works. As a storekeeper, I have the fun job of creating designs and “applying” them to products. But all that means is I see a mock-up on my computer screen.

If I order something, I get to see the finished product–shirt, mug, bumper sticker, clock, etc. And it’s always a thrill.

(Although I must admit, sometimes it’s a bit shocking when I see the designs on fabric, since the colors are often more muted than on the computer screen. Your screen has light coming through it, which makes colors glow. On a t-shirt, the colors look flatter and duller, because there is no light. You can always return something within 30 days if you’re not satisfied with it…)

At any rate, it’s neat to see the process happening between the time I start it, and I, or you, the customer, gets the final product. Pretty cool!

Browse designs at my store, Alina’s Pencil, or at the billions of products at Zazzle!

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