Know any naked, tone-deaf drummers?

They might like this shirt:

Tone Deaf Drummer Shirt shirt
Tone Deaf Drummer Shirt by alinaspencil
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Drummers get a bad rap. They are expected to carry a steady beat all the time, without losing their place in the music. Yet they get called not real musicians because they don’t play different note tones (um…what about timpani, xylophones, marimbas, vibraphones?)

At any rate, this shirt pokes fun at the tendency of some drummers, or at least, the assumption about drummers, to be tone-deaf.

The shirt reads, “Certified tone-deaf drummer.” Funny drummer joke, huh?

Makes a funny gift for that drummer who can’t sing a tune worth his or her sticks.

Hey, at least we drummers don’t need someone waving a baton at us to prevent the song from…slow…ing…to…a…stop!

(Remember, this design can be put on any other style or color of shirt, jacket, tank top, , hoodie, sweatshirt, etc. Click on the available options when you view the product.)

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Disclosure Statement:

I am affiliated to the products recommended on this website.