Personalized Opanke Shoes Dance Bag

Opanke Balkan Dance Shoes Personalized Tote Bag bag
Opanke Balkan Dance Shoes Personalized Tote Bag by alinaspencil

Opanke are traditional, leather, peasant shoes worn in Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also known as opanci, opinci, and opintsi, they have pointy toes, often with horn-like projections on the ends. Different areas of the country make different styles of tips.

Opanke shoes (opanak is the singular) are worn as part of Balkan folk dancing costumes. Many international folk dancers like them because they can feel the ground when they dance in them.

They always remind me of little pointy toes shoes like something elves in the forest might wear. Maybe they are folkdancers too!

This tote bag template has a space set up for you to add your name. Simply replace the sample name (Hi, Denise!) with your own.

This cotton canvas tote bag is perfect to carry your opanke dance shoes and other gear to dancing. Or roll it up and keep it in your glove compartment, then pull it out when you get to the grocery store. Makes a great reusable grocery bag, because it’s washable, yet durable enough that boxes and corners won’t rip it.

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