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Greek Festival Pentozali Funny FolkDancing Cartoon mousepad
Greek Festival Pentozali Funny FolkDancing Cartoon by alinaspencil

If you’ve been to a Greek festival before, you know all the ouzo, music, and company can make for a rowdy good time. This funny Balkan dance cartoon shows just what can happen if you go crazy with the Greek folk dancing.

On the left, Before the Greek Festival. A woman is dancing with a handkerchief, saying, “Woohoo! Pentozali! Opa!” (Pentozali is the name of a particularly fast Greek dance.)

On the right, After the Greek Festival. The woman is in a hospital bed, with her leg in a cast, saying, “#%*@ Pentozali!”

One of the members of our international folk dancing group broke her foot one year at the Greek fest, and this cartoon was inspired by her misfortune.

Makes a funny, unique gift for dancers who can get a bit crazy when the music starts and the ouzo flows. Or get one yourself to keep you smiling at work, when you’d rather be dancing. Opa!

(This design is also available on shirts, mugs and more.)

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