What’s in a Book Cover? Watch This Before You Self Publish

If you are considering self publishing, one of the most important aspects of your book is the cover. It’s the first thing your potential audience will see. It needs to draw their attention, but at the same time, represent what is inside, between the covers. (Or, in the case of e-books, in the file.)

You may be tempted to use a free book-cover creation service, especially to save some money. But consider that a cover can do the selling for you. Would you really be saving yourself some money by having a cover that didn’t serve you well?

Book designer for Knopf, Chip Kidd, shows some examples of how he created covers for bestsellers. He shows how he came about designing the T-rex image for Jurassic Park, which later went on to star in the movie and related merchandise.

You might find some ideas and inspiration from this video. If nothing else, you will be entertained.

Here’s the link to the talk at TED: Chip Kidd: Designing Books is No Laughing Matter

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