Who are the letter geeks, and what do they think about all day and night?

When’s the last time you noticed the way the letters looked in the book you were reading? Have you ever closed a web page without reading anything because you didn’t like the font? Not the color. Not the background color. Not the size. But the actual font itself?

I don’t think most of us give it much thought . That is, unless you are a publisher or a graphic artist or designer. In that case, font means the world.

What’s in a font?
It can mean the difference between the perfect expression of a sentiment or attitude and a complete eyesore. It can capture a mood as fast as a fragrance or a song can.

Since I’ve been starting to work on an upcoming book project, I’ve been reading a lot about type and readability and margins and font sizes. But as much as I might feel like I’m becoming a type nerd, I pale in comparison to the true type geeks.

Meet the typeface geeks at Penguin
The following video gives a humorous and insightful view into the world of the pros at Penguin Publishing Group. They argue about letters, serifs, italics, and other stuff I can’t remember the names of.

Take a moment to see how much work goes into producing the book you are currently reading, and see why they care about stuff the rest of us don’t even begin to notice:

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