Yes, Polish folk dancing is alive and well!

Dance Goralski Polish Folk Dance Canvas Tote Bag bag
Dance Goralski Polish Folk Dance Canvas Tote Bag by alinaspencil

Goralski is sort of an ironic international folk dance. It’s the lumbago dance, supposedly mimicking the movements of old people as they hobble around with sore backs.

But anyone who has tried to do this Polish folk dance knows you have to be pretty spry to do the fast criss-cross footwork. Goralski music is fast and fun and has a bit of an oom-pah feel to it.

I think my favorite step has to be the part where you turn around in a small circle about yourself, while the singer moans, “Ohhhh…” as though she is in pain. It’s great fun.

This Dance Goralski tote bag has three cartoon older people on it, doing that very step: one dancing old man and two women. Two of them are holding their canes and walking sticks up high as they turn. It reads, “Dance Goralski!” in a fun, blue and pinky-lavender font.

(Yes, I know I am stereotyping them by giving them canes and glasses, but it’s precisely because this is the old people’s lumbago dance, after all. My folk dancer friends, some of whom are in their 80s and still dancing, are living proof that aging doesn’t necessarily mean canes and being weak! So get dancing!)

This is a fun design for your Polish folk dancing friends. It makes a unique gift for dancers, whether they do Balkan dancing, multicultural or recreational folk dancing.

The cotton canvas tote bag is great for hauling your dance shoes, towel, belt, spoons, and handkerchief to dancing! It’s light yet sturdy and can be washed when it gets dirty. You can use it as a reusable grocery bag, too, and help spread the word about folk dancing to the poor people who are missing all the fun.

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