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My Attitude of Gratitude Daily Journal: A Blank Gratitude Journal with Prompts to Help You Express Thankfulness and Appreciation by Alina Niemi

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386 Pages
Interior black and white
Includes journaling tips
365 blank pages
With writing prompts on every page

  • If you’ve tried to keep a gratefulness journal but found your entries got stale…
  • If you want to start a gratitude journal but don’t know how…
  • If you wonder what all the fuss is about thankfulness and appreciation…

This book can help!

Includes how-to-journal tips

The book contains specific hints and tips for writing entries. Plus what to include to keep your journaling fresh.

What do you do to make your writing come alive?

Includes the art and science behind appreciation

Why are so many people focusing on thankfulness? Find out why. What is the science behind gratitude? How can it improve your life?

Includes blank pages with prompts

The book includes 365 blank pages for daily entries. Each page has a writing prompt.

Use the prompts if you need something to write about or find yourself stuck for ideas. They include relaxation and visualization exercises, suggestions for what to focus your thankfulness on, and triggers for memories.

my attitude of gratitude daily journal back cover

Express your attitude of gratitude!

Have fun discovering and learning more about yourself and what you like and enjoy. Find out how appreciation and thankfulness can change your life!

See why so many people are using gratitude journals to tap into more happiness and fulfillment. You can, too.

Get started right away. All you need is this book and a pen!

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I am affiliated to the products recommended on this website.